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From Dunmore to The Thames

- Michael Cunningham

July 16, 2018

"Michael Cunningham" isn't a name you hear alot on the docks of Lake Dunmore or between passing alumni. However, when "Smylez" is mentioned, rowers and alumni alike know the notorious name. Starting his sophomore year, Cunningham '15 went on to be not only one of Middlebury Crew's most successful alumni on the water, but also a beloved novice coach. For many in the classes of 2017 and 2018, only fond memories are told of their always smiling first year coach. Now as a member of Potomac Boat Club men's 8+, Smylez will be heading to the Thames in London to compete in the historic Henley Royal Regatta. "Without Middlebury Crew, I would not be here" he says about his accomplishment of making the boat. At the crown jewel event in rowing, he'll be carrying both the pride of representing the United States and the memories of Middlebury Crew that got him there.

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